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Forget financing, balloon payments, interest, depreciation, insurance, rego and all the variable maintenance and servicing costs.

For a weekly payment, we take care of all that for you.

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How Carbar Subscription works?

You can subscribe to a Carbar vehicle online, anytime. Simply…

01. Sign-up for free

Once you’re set up, you can subscribe any time. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news and offers.

02. Browse and subscribe your car

Shop over 1000 quality new and used vehicles, click to subscribe and pay to secure your car online.

03. Arrange for pick up or delivery

We can arrange free delivery of local cars if you’re within 50kms of our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices.^

04. No lock in contract. Stop or swap anytime

There are minimum costs, but no minimum terms, Just give us two weeks’ notice to swap cars or stop your subscription

05. Save with Carbar Loyalty Program

Your flexibility remains, but if you stay subscribed, we’ll add Loyalty Credits that automatically reduce the weekly subscription for that vehicle over time

24/7 Roadside Assistance

In partnership with the NRMA and reciprocal Motoring Clubs throughout Australia.

Your Roadside Assistance covers you and any approved drivers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. As a Carbar Subscriber, you have unlimited callouts for…

  • Flat battery and battery installation
  • Key lock-outs
  • Flat tyre changes
  • Towing
  • Empty fuel tanks
  • Breakdowns and mechanical services
Why subscribe with Carbar?

Why subscribe with Carbar?

Less hassle, more time

With a vehicle subscription service, you’ll eliminate many of the hassles that come with ownership. No more renewal notices, no more finding a day to take the car to the garage – Carbar takes care of all of it for you.

Save money

Depreciation, on-road costs, loan repayments - a car costs you every week, every kilometre. Subscriptions are not only competitive, in many cases, they’re more affordable than owning and running a vehicle.

No commitments

Drive what you need without the hassle of buying and selling. Just give us two weeks’ notice to swap cars or stop your subscription.

Serviced and maintained

All scheduled servicing and maintenance is included in the weekly subscription, meaning no “service” surprises for you.

Complete peace of mind

All subscriptions come with comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and your car is always covered under a warranty - manufacturer or Carbar’s warranty.

It’s your car 24/7

You don’t have to book or share our rides. The car is yours for as long as you subscribe to it. *

^ You can arrange to pick up your car or have it delivered to you within 50kms of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

* In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. See terms and conditions for more details.

Costs of running a car

Owning and operating a car is expensive. Car subscription isn’t just the more flexible way to drive, it’s the more affordable way. Depreciation has the biggest impact followed by on-road costs such as dealer delivery, stamp duty, rego and insurance. Then there’s loan interest repayments, servicing and tyres. Bundling all of these running costs of a car into a single weekly fee could save you big, eliminating some of the biggest expenses associated with ownership.

“A car is negative equity. You owe the bank for something that’s depreciating every day. With Carbar, I eliminated the debt. I did the math. I’m saving money this way, and driving a European vehicle that I would have never thought to buy myself.”

David, Accountant, NSW

* Costs are collected from RACV’s Driving Your Dollars survey 2019.

^ On-roads - includes Stamp, Registration, Insurance & Roadside assist

How car subscription compares


  • Exclusive use of car
  • Registration
  • Roadside Assist
  • Insurance
  • Range of vehicles to choose from
  • Maintenance
  • Car swap *
  • Delivery or pick up
  • Accident Management + Loan Car
  • No lock-in contract

Long Term Rental



* In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. See terms and conditions for more details.

What will I need to subscribe?

Carbar just needs a few standard documents to process your subscription.

Australian Drivers Licence or International Drivers Licence
Australian Medicare card or Australian Passport or International Passport
Last 3 months banks statements showing proof of income
Complete a driver declaration
carbar’s referral program

How carbar’s referral program works

When you refer a friend to carbar, you’ll receive “good car-ma”.

And why shouldn’t you! Every car-related stress and strain melts away when you take all the costs of owning and running a car and roll it up into an simple and flexible weekly subscription.

Subscription really is the stress free way to car happiness. And when you share this happiness with others, they’ll get $100 off the upfront fee and you’ll get “good car-ma” with $100 off your subscription too!

01. Share your unique link

Once subscribed, your personalised link is refreshed every month and can be used by up to 10 friends each time.

02. Your friend will save $100*

After your friend creates an account, $100 credit will be automatically applied to discount the upfront fee.

03. You save up to $500 every month*

For each friend’s car delivery, $100 credit will be automatically applied to discount your subscription payment. Limit 5 per month.

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