Flexible, all-inclusive car subscription

Forget financing, balloon payments, interest, depreciation, insurance, rego and all the variable maintenance and servicing costs.

For a fixed weekly payment, we take care of all that for you^.

^ Excludes tolls, fuel and infringements. Terms and conditions apply.
Car subscriptions

What is a car subscription?

A car subscription service is an affordable alternative to buying, financing or leasing a car.

Rather than paying a lump sum to own outright or using finance to access a depreciating asset, we take all the key costs of owning and running a car, and roll it up into a simple, convenient weekly subscription^.

The car is yours for as long you are subscribed to it. You can stop or swap with just two weeks’ notice.

^ Excludes tolls, fuel and infringements. Terms and conditions apply.
What is a car subscription

A flexible alternative to car leasing

Car leases can be an affordable way for businesses and their employees to access vehicles, but they aren’t the most flexible.

Car subscription vs buying outright

Car ownership is a dream of many Australians, however it’s not the only way to enjoy the freedom of your own personal vehicle.

Hidden costs of buying a car

It’s a mistake even seasoned car buyers make – they spot a great deal at the showroom or online and rush to snap it up.

What’s included in a carbar subscription?

  • Govt fees and charges
  • Mechanical faults
  • Worn tyres and batteries*
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Vehicle registration
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance Australia-wide
  • Comprehensive insurance
* Subject to fair wear and tear, taking into account the car's age and mileage and covering overall condition. Terms and conditions apply.

What are the benefits of car subscription?

After property, a car may be the second most expensive purchase a person will ever make. However, unlike property, which has historically gone up in value in Australia, cars usually depreciate and add significant costs for you every day.
What is the benefits of subscribing
Hassle-free convenience
We’ll take care of all the admin and risks associated with car ownership so you can focus more on the things that matter to you.
Complete peace of mind
Life’s too short to be stuck with a lemon. We’ve also got you covered with 24/7 roadside assistance and loan cars to keep you mobile.
Flexibility to stop or swap
A car should give you the ultimate freedom, not burden you with bills and debt. Take the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of owning a car.

How does a car subscription service work?

With carbar, it’s easy. Simply shop and subscribe to your next car all online. There’s no commitment. Cancel anytime with two weeks notice.


Create an account for free

Once you’re set-up, you can create a wishlist and subscribe at any time.


Shop and subscribe, all online

New cars are added every day. Simply pay the upfront fee to submit your order.
Pick up, or accept delivery of your car


Pick it up or accept delivery

We can arrange free delivery of local cars if you’re within 50 kms of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBDs^.


Stop or swap anytime

Just give us 2 weeks notice to swap or stop your subscription.
Take the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of having a car.
^ In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. Terms and conditions apply.

Why subscribe to carbar?

Why subscribe

The longer you drive, the less you could pay in weekly subscription costs

Your flexibility remains, but if you stay subscribed, we’ll add Loyalty Credits to automatically reduce the weekly subscription for that vehicle over time

Why subscribe

Save up to $500 every month by referring family and friends *

Subscription really is the stress-free way to car happiness. When you share this happiness with others, they’ll get $100 off the upfront fee and you’ll get $100 off your subscription too!

Why subscribe

carbar subscriber exclusive - Save 4c per litre on fuel #

Simply download carbarConnect and activate the offer to save 4c per litre off when you fill up at Shell Coles Express and participating Shell sites

* ACT, NSW, QLD & VIC customers 21+ only. Limit 5 claims/member/month. Each unique URL can only be used by up to 10 people. Terms and conditions apply.
# Offer valid for active carbar subscribers only. Terms and conditions apply.
Person thinking image

Sell your car to subscribe

For a safe and hassle-free car selling experience, sell your car to us and receive a competitive trade-in price.

  • Get an instant valuation online for free^
  • If you’re happy with it, we’ll organise an inspection
  • Get paid in advance of scheduled drop off or pick up
^ Valid for seven (7) days and is an invitation to treat only, based on information provided by you and our assumptions. The instant valuation is not an offer to purchase by us. Terms and conditions apply.

What customers say about carbar

How do I know if I’m eligible for a carbar car subscription?

Check if you are eligible

All drivers must be over 21 years old and hold a P2 or higher Driver Licence.

To be approved for a car subscription, we ask for the following standard documents to run an affordability and ID check. Please note this is not a credit check and will not show on your credit rating.

  • Australian Driver Licence or International Driver Licence
  • Australian Medicare card or Australian Passport or International Passport
  • Evidence of residential address
  • Last 3 months banks statements showing proof of income
  • Completed driver declaration
  • Valid credit card to pay the upfront fee

A flexible, tax effective way to salary package your car!

Enjoy all the convenience and potential tax savings that come with traditional salary packaging with the simplicity and flexibility of a car subscription.

Salary packaging
Start Subscription

Start your subscription journey here

It takes a few seconds and costs nothing to join.

Compare cars, find out more and have the option to start a flexible car subscription.

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Frequently asked questions

on car subscription

Depending on your circumstance, buying a car outright may be the cheaper option if you are looking at long-term ownership. However, this requires a lump sum payment and when owning the car, you carry all the costs and risks of any maintenance or mechanical issues. These can add up and can become very expensive, especially on used cars.

The weekly subscription aims to cover all the key costs of owning, maintaining and running a car such as depreciation, interest, registration, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assist, mechanic faults, faulty and worn tyres and batteries. The subscription cost excludes tolls, fuel and infringements.

Car subscription services are more flexible than a lease or car financing and can be a more affordable way to access a car if you cannot afford to buy it outright today.

Car subscription services also remove the risks of buying a lemon. The risks of maintenance and mechanical faults are spread across a fleet of cars vs an individual.

A car subscription is a flexible alternative to a traditional lease.

Most people finance or lease a car for a period of time, often between 3 - 7 years. With subscription, there is no term or contract, you can stop or swap your car with just 2 weeks notice.

Financing or leasing a car may also just cover the cost of the car. With subscription, customers pay a fixed recurring payment for all key costs, excluding fuel, tolls and fines.

With subscription there are no hidden or exit fees. The total minimum costs includes the upfront fee and the initial first four week payment.

At any time, you can buy, or finance your subscription car.

Since we started offering a subscription service, we have observed a trend of customers subscribing to cars, loving them and often asking to purchase the car.

Subscribers can simply request a price to purchase their subscription car and we’ll help compare the costs of financing without any impact on their credit rating. This way, you can easily weigh up the costs of a subscription versus buying a car using finance.

We’re always adding new cars to our fleet. Browse the latest selection of cars here.

You definitely can.

Besides our highly recommended car subscription services, there is also the option to finance or buy a used car.

We have a wide range of quality used cars available to buy or apply for finance entirely online.