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What is a car subscription?

Car Subscription is a service that offers members full possession of a vehicle, inclusive of insurance, registration, servicing and roadside assistance, for a fixed weekly payment.

Members have complete peace of mind knowing the car is always under warranty, comprehensively insured, fully maintained and serviced for the duration of their subscription.

Members also have the option to swap cars or stop your subscription with just two weeks’ notice. *

Carbar is not a car share service – once you subscribe, you’ve got the keys 100% of the time. All you have to worry about is keeping the car fuelled up and you’re ready to go wherever, whenever.

* In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. See terms and conditions for more details.

What is a car subscription?

Why subscribe to a car?

Flexes with you

Don’t let long term debt get in the way. Need to go overseas for a promotion, a bigger car for a growing family, we need just 2 weeks notice to change or end your subscription.

No annoying renewals

Your subscription includes insurance, rego, servicing and roadside assistance. You just need to add fuel (and pay tolls).

Save money

In most circumstances, when you sum up the cost of depreciation, interest, insurance, rego and maintenance, you’re likely to save money subscribing.

Avoid risky liabilities

Traditional car ownership comes with unexpected and variable costs. Subscribing removes that risk so you can budget to a consistent payment cycle.

Our all-inclusive electric car subscriptions start from $279 per week.

EVer considered switching to an EV?

Our all-inclusive electric car subscriptions start from $279 per week.

Subscription includes registration, comprehensive insurance, servicing and maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance Australia-wide.

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Supporting Australian business

Want to build a fleet that helps you get the job done? Looking to attract top talent with exciting perks? Carbar can help you with both.

Carbar for Business makes it easy to get the vehicle your company needs, when and where it needs them. Scale up or down with demand, change vehicles at any time and offer attractive salary sacrifice options to boost morale. Whatever your business does, do it with Carbar.

Supporting Australian Business

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