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Novated subscription

Drive smarter business: Explore the benefits of novated subscription

Join hundreds of Australian businesses who choose flexible and affordable car subscription over the long term commitment of a traditional car leasing or novated leasing.

Carbar offers more than just your standard business car subscription. Choose to subscribe to a fleet of vehicles or potentially pass tax-effective benefits to employees by salary sacrificing a novated car subscription.

We believe that the way you access cars should flex with your business needs.

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Why novated subscription?

Novated subscription offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for both businesses and employees

Why novated lease

Tax savings

Combining a novated lease and car subscription can offer tax benefits while enjoying the flexibility of a subscription service.

Flexibility and freedom

Novated subscription offers flexibility in vehicle choice and subscription terms, allowing you to switch or terminate your subscription as needed.

Convenience and cost control

Enjoy the convenience of having maintenance, insurance and other services included in one monthly payment.

No long-term commitment

Drive the car you want without being locked into long-term contracts

Unsure which product better fits your business objectives?

Let's navigate the options together. Our business specialists can assist in finding the perfect fit for your business - because one size does not always fit all.

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Frequently asked questions

on car subscription

Depending on your circumstance, buying a car outright may be the cheaper option if you are looking at long-term ownership. However, this requires a lump sum payment and when owning the car, you carry all the costs and risks of any maintenance or mechanical issues. These can add up and can become very expensive, especially on used cars.

The weekly subscription aims to cover all the key costs of owning, maintaining and running a car such as depreciation, interest, registration, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assist, mechanic faults, faulty and worn tyres and batteries. The subscription cost excludes tolls, fuel and infringements.

Car subscription services are more flexible than a lease or car financing and can be a more affordable way to access a car if you cannot afford to buy it outright today.

Car subscription services also remove the risks of buying a lemon. The risks of maintenance and mechanical faults are spread across a fleet of cars vs an individual.

A car subscription is a flexible alternative to a traditional lease.

Most people finance or lease a car for a period of time, often between 3 - 7 years. With subscription, there is no term or contract, you can stop or swap your car with just 2 weeks notice.

Financing or leasing a car may also just cover the cost of the car. With subscription, customers pay a fixed recurring payment for all key costs, excluding fuel, tolls and fines.

With subscription there are no hidden or exit fees. The total minimum costs includes the upfront fee and the initial first four week payment.

At any time, you can buy, or finance your subscription car.

Since we started offering a subscription service, we have observed a trend of customers subscribing to cars, loving them and often asking to purchase the car.

Subscribers can simply request a price to purchase their subscription car and we’ll help compare the costs of financing without any impact on their credit rating. This way, you can easily weigh up the costs of a subscription versus buying a car using finance.

We’re always adding new cars to our fleet. Browse the latest selection of cars here.

You definitely can.

Besides our highly recommended car subscription services, there is also the option to finance or buy a used car.

We have a wide range of quality used cars available to buy or apply for finance entirely online.

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