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Car subscription services for small business

Running a small business can be tricky. There are many costs involved and that's before you even consider things like your car.

A car costs money every day, every kilometre. And for a small business, car finance or leasing, balloon payments and the running costs associated with them can be taxing.

At carbar, we have cars for small business owners and their teams. For a weekly subscription fee, carbar can help you take care of all the key costs associated with car ownership, excluding tolls, fuel and infringements.*

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How does a small business car subscription work?

Are you a small business owner looking at car subscription? Simply add your company name when you order online and enjoy all the benefits of car subscription services for your business.


Create an account for free

Once you’re set-up, you can create a wishlist and subscribe at any time.


Shop and subscribe, all online

Find your car, add your details including your business name and pay the upfront fee to submit your order.
Pick up your car


Pick it up at your local carbar office

You can schedule a convenient time to collect the vehicle from our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne.


Stop or swap anytime

Just give us 2 weeks notice to swap or stop your car subscription.
Take the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of having a car.
^ In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. Terms and conditions apply.

Business benefits of car subscription services

Available with no lock-in contracts on competitive weekly fees, car subscription is an affordable alternative to car leasing and traditional car ownership.

Under current accounting standards, specifically AASB 16, businesses have to include the costs of use of the leased asset and the associated benefits on its balance sheet.

A car subscription service can be kept off your balance sheet and provide an affordable, lower-touch way to build a working fleet, while still providing your team with cars for business and personal use.*

* The advice given is general advice and does not take into account your own objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if the advice is appropriate for you before acting and read all applicable terms and conditions of any selected product or service prior to proceeding.
Benefits of car subscription
Flexibility to stop or swap
Car subscriptions offer an alternative that fits your business as it is today, with the ability to make changes later to ensure it stays relevant to how and where you operate.
Hassle-free convenience
Keep your focus on your business and your car costs off your balance sheet. Let us help take care of all the admin and risks associated with car ownership.
Complete peace of mind

At carbar, we’ve got you covered with 24/7 roadside assistance and options for loan cars to keep your business and team mobile.

Take the hassle and financial burden out of car ownership

"Cars are instrumental to our business. We can’t travel between premises without them. This creates an issue, as to scale, we either need to take on more debt through leasing or spend capital on purchasing cars. carbar, and the flexibility of car subscriptions, has basically solved this problem for us, allowing us to scale our car use directly in line with our growth. It’s also allowed us to move our entire fleet off our balance sheet."
Ash, CEO and founder, Propper

Unsure which product better fits your business objectives?

Let's navigate the options together. Our business specialists can assist in finding the perfect fit for your business - because one size does not always fit all.

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