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Employee benefits

Empower your team with the tools they need, while potentially saving big on taxes - the ultimate employee benefit!

Novated subscription provide significant advantages to employees, including tax savings, convenience, flexibility, and enhanced job satisfaction. The all-inclusive nature, combined with tax advantages and the ability to choose modern, reliable vehicles, makes novated subscription a valuable and appealing benefit for employees.

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How can you get on a novated subscription program?


Register your business

Even if you just have a few staff, or even one, offering a novated lease/ subscription can offer an employee the chance to drive their dream car and save on tax!


Staff sign up via Corporate / Employee Benefits

Once a business is registered, staff can sign up to register their interest and one of novated specialists will explain the process and place the order.


HR approves order and payment is made via Payroll

Once approved, payments will be paid by payroll using a combination of your pre and post-tax salary.


Staff enjoy all the perks from carbar

A fully maintained car with the flexibility to stop and swap with 2 weeks notice.
Unlocking car solutions

"At carbar, we're committed to unlocking innovative car solutions that elevate your employee benefits package and improve job satisfaction"

Unsure which product better fits your business objectives?

Let's navigate the options together. Our business specialists can assist in finding the perfect fit for your business - because one size does not always fit all.

carbar business specialist


Drive smarter business. Explore the benefits of novated leases and subscriptions.

Fleet subscription

Fleet subscription

Unlock the Power of Fleet Subscription for Your Business -Tailored Solutions for Seamless Mobility Management

Employee benefit

Employee benefit

Drive Your Career Forward with Novated Subscription and Lease - A smarter way to navigate work and wheels!