A simple way to sell your car

For a safe and hassle-free car selling experience, sell your car to us and receive a competitive trade-in price.

  • Get an instant valuation online for free^
  • If you're happy with it, we'll organise an inspection
  • Get paid in advance of scheduled drop off or pick up
^ Valid for seven (7) days and is an invitation to treat only, based on information provided by you and our assumptions. The instant valuation is not an offer to purchase by us. Terms and conditions apply.
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Why sell your car to carbar?

Why sell your car to carbar

Total convenience

Selling a car is a hassle. Answering countless phone calls, waiting for people who don’t show up, and inviting strangers to your home. We can save you the stress and the risk of a private sale.

Free instant valuation

If your car meets our criteria and its condition is validated by a physical inspection of the vehicle, the valuation you see is what you’ll get and is guaranteed for 7 days*. See criteria here.

Drop it off or we'll pick it up

Payments are made in advance of, or on scheduled collection or drop off.

How does selling your car to carbar work?


Get an instant valuation^

Enter your rego, mileage and answer a question on your car's condition. That's it!


If you're happy, we'll be in touch

We won't harass you if you're not interested in our offer. Simply request an inspection and we'll organise it at your convenience. We come to you!


Drop it off or we'll pick it up

You can drop your car off at one of our customer centres in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane or we can organise to pick your car up from an agreed location.*


Get paid in advance

After inspection if we've agreed to buy your car, you will have the money deposited in your account prior to drop off or delivery.*
^ Valid for seven (7) days and is an invitation to treat only, based on information provided by you and our assumptions. The instant valuation is not an offer to purchase by us. Terms and conditions apply.

Looking to upgrade to a new car?

Buying a brand new car can be stressful. With carbarConcierge we do the heavy lifting for you so the process is simple and stress free. We can provide a valuation on your existing car, offers for your new car and even organise car financing as part of the process.

The best part is you can find your car and get a deal without having to leave your couch!

Looking for a new car

"Joining carbar gave us a chance to sell our second-hand vehicle and pay for six to nine months worth of subscription. With that decision, we were able to completely avoid the initial outlay of a new vehicle and focus on our business."
Leah, Hair Salon Owner

Criteria for us to buy your car

Criteria for us to buy your car

We’ll provide a free instant valuation on all cars, but there are certain criteria that may affect the valuation of a car. We typically won't buy cars that have…

  • major accident, flood or hail damage
  • been written off or stolen
  • been imported or exported
  • mechanical or electrical faults
What documents do you need to sell your car to carbar?
  • current registration papers
  • a valid photo driving licence
  • any accessories or parts that came with the car
  • a letter from your lender with payout figure if your car is under finance

Frequently asked questions

when selling your car

There are a number of factors that can affect the valuation on the car. At carbar, we use live market data to provide a fair and accurate valuation for the trade-in vehicle. This takes into account the age and mileage of the vehicle, the vehicle condition, previous ownership and service history.
Generally speaking, newer cars with lower kilometres will be offered a higher estimate. Cars with fewer imperfections and previous owners can also help with higher valuations. And, cars with full service history will retain more value than cars with missing services.
The estimate offered is similar to the trade-in or wholesale price offered through traditional car dealerships. We aim to provide a fair and accurate estimate based on live market data (including redbook.com.au) so you get a fair price without the inconvenience and risk of selling your car yourself.
You should always check with the local government authority responsible for transport, roads and /or services.
Usually, it is the seller’s responsibility to notify relevant local government service when a car is sold to update the department’s records to show the new owner. Often, this requires the seller to lodge a notice of disposal to let the local government services department know you are no longer the owner. Once you can show the new owner proof they are entitled to register the car, and they can do so in their name.
CTP insurance is linked to the vehicle, not the owner, so if you sell your vehicle, the CTP policy will be transferred to the new owner. Other insurances can be transferred to your new vehicle or cancelled. It’s best to contact your insurer to understand the process to cancel or transfer insurance.
Remember, if your car has an E-Tag you will need to contact the provider to update the tag’s details to avoid being charged for trips you haven’t made.
We work hard to ensure our valuations are competitively and fairly estimated based on the data provided when submitting the request.
We offer a simple and transparent service that helps remove the negotiation, hassle and stress of selling your car privately and our best offer is the estimate provided upfront. This comes guaranteed for seven days.
In some cases, the valuations may be adjusted after the inspection if the car information does not match the data shared for the estimate - details, conditions, service history, missing accessories, keys or illegal modifications.
Often you are able to get a higher price for your car if you sell it privately.
It’s important to note however, that a car costs you money every day, every kilometre. If you're looking to sell your car fast, waiting too long might mean getting less in the end. The trade-in price offered today may not be too far off the price you eventually end up selling the car if it takes months to sell.