Fees & charges

carbar.com.au is a research, communications and eCommerce platform. Creating a carbar account is free. Until you subscribe with carbar and pay the upfront fee, you are not required to accept any vehicle. If the vehicle you have wish to select is no longer available, you will be offered an alternative suitable vehicle or carbar will refund the upfront fee.

carbar is also a licensed dealer in Queensland (4376138), New South Wales (MD075094) and Victoria (LMCT 11637).

Fees and Charges

Car subscription fees and charges

carbar provides a personalised subscription service that allows members exclusive access to a fully-maintained and comprehensively insured car.
The weekly subscription fee aims to cover all of the costs of owning, maintaining and running a car such as depreciation, interest, registration, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assistance, mechanic faults, faulty and worn tyres and batteries. The subscription fee excludes tolls and fuel.
The upfront fee covers the costs of procuring the vehicle, cleaning and detailing, comprehensive service and safety checks as well as setting the vehicle up to deliver on our subscription service. It varies for each car depending on the year, make and model selected.
The total minimum costs for carbar’s service includes the upfront fee and ‘initial’ four week subscription fee. The upfront fee is billed to your chosen payment method when you order a car subscription online. The initial four week subscription fee is billed on the car’s delivery or pick-up otherwise known as the "subscription start date".
Carbar operates a fortnightly billing cycle. The weekly subscription fee as well as any other charges you may incur in connection with the use of our service, such as tolls and possible transaction fees (see below), will be charged to your payment method on the specific payment date. You can choose to pay by Credit/Debit Card or Direct Debit.
As a member, you can see your next payment date by visiting our website and navigate to Billings in the Account section of your My Dashboard.
Subscription payment methods
To use carbar’s service you must provide one or more payment methods. Carbar accepts Credit/Debit card and Direct Debit payments.
Your payment method is defaulted to the credit/debit card used when you pay the upfront fee and place your order online. The upfront fee is exempt from credit/debit card transaction fees however, all future recurring billing including the initial four week subscription fee incur transaction fees as outlined in the table below.
As a member, you can update your payment method by following the instructions below
1. Login to your carbar account
2. Navigate to your Account and Billings
3. Click on Payment Options
Please make sure you continue through the process and click update to complete the change.
Excess KMs for subscription services
All subscriptions come with a 26,000 km allowance.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as at June 2020, the average kilometres (km) travelled was ~12,000 km for all vehicles. NT vehicles had the highest average at 12,500 kms, followed by Victoria with 12,400 kms.
If you’re above average and go above the 26,000 km allowance, there is a charge of $0.40 per km over the 26,000 km allowance.
Canceling your subscription service
There are no fees or charges for canceling your service and you can do so at any time by providing 2 weeks notice.
You will continue to have access to the car and carbar’s service through to the end of your current billing period (max. 2 weeks).* As a member, you can see your next payment date by visiting our website and navigate to Billings in the Account section of your My Dashboard.
To cancel, simply email us at subscriptions@carbar.com.au and we can coordinate the collection of the vehicle with you.
Subscription fees and charges schedule

Fee Type
Late or Failed payment fee
$27.50 inc GST
Fixed fee
Additional information
Late or Failed payment fee. A late fee is applied to a customers account when an invoice is 14 days in arrears.

Fee Type
Refuelling service fee
$27.50 Admin fee + top up cost at current fuel price (no markup is charged on refuelling)

Fee Type
Additional Kilometre fee
$0.40 per kilometre
$0.40 p/km over 26,000 km pa. prorated

Fee Type
Credit/Debit card transaction fee
1.70% + $0.30c per transaction
Fixed percentage of the total transaction, plus $0.30 cents. Fixed percentage is 1.70%.
Additional information
Charged in arrears and appears itemised on next invoice upfront fees are exempt from transaction fees.
Last updated 01/04/2024