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An electric car subscription is an affordable and flexible alternative to buying an electric vehicle outright.
Our range of quality electric cars could save you petrol and reduce your tailpipe emissions, helping you make a conscious choice when it comes to the environment and your bank account.
Whether you want to drive an EV long term or just give it a go, trade in your petrol vehicle and flick the switch to electric today.
Electric vehicles

Electric cars - EVerything you need to know

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, as people become increasingly interested in saving money on fuel and being environmentally friendly.

While electric cars have been around for a while, they have typically been less affordable than traditional petrol-powered vehicles. However, this is changing, as electric cars are becoming more affordable for the average consumer.

In addition, electric cars have many other benefits, such as being much cheaper to operate and maintain than petrol-powered cars. Electric cars also emit less tailpipe emissions than fuel-powered cars, with many consumers considering EVs an environmentally friendly option.

As more people become interested in electric cars, it is likely that their popularity will continue to grow. If you’re new to the world of rechargeable cars, we have all the information you need to make the decision to switch.

Your guide to everything EV

Discover the benefits of owning an electric vehicle in Australia. Learn about costs, charging options, tax incentives, and more.

Buying an electric vehicle

Let us help you understand how to buy an electric car, what you need to look out for, and everything else to consider.

Subscribing an EV

Rather than buying or leasing an electric vehicle, subscribers pay a monthly fee to have full access to the EV from the subscription company's fleet.
Sell your car and upgrade to an EV

Sell your car to us and upgrade to an electric vehicle

Selling a car privately can take time and cost you money.

Enjoy a fast, safe and hassle-free experience with carbar.

We will always offer a competitive valuation when you choose to sell your car to us.

The future is electric and carbar is ready to help you make the switch.

  • Get an instant valuation^
  • We'll organise an inspection
  • Get paid in advance
^ Valid for seven (7) days and is an invitation to treat only, based on information provided by you and our assumptions. The instant valuation is not an offer to purchase by us. Terms and conditions apply.

What is an EV car subscription?

Forget about long term commitments, an electric car subscription takes all the costs of traditional car ownership and rolls it up into a simple, convenient weekly subscription.

Stamp duties and taxes, depreciation, registration, insurance, roadside assistance, servicing, maintenance and tyres are all included in the weekly subscription fee.

You can subscribe to an electric vehicle for as little or as long as you like. You can stop or swap which just 2 weeks notice. And if you love it? You can buy or finance your subscription car with carbar.

Take the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of buying an electric car. Subscribe to a range of quality electric cars online today!

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Why have an EV car subscription with carbar?

Why subscribe

The longer you subscribe, the less you pay

Your flexibility remains, but if you stay subscribed, we'll add Loyalty Credits to automatically reduce the weekly subscription for that vehicle over time

Why subscribe

Save up to $500 every month *

An EV subscription really is the stress-free way to car happiness. When you share this happiness with others, they’ll get $100 off the upfront fee and you'll get $100 off your subscription too!

Why subscribe

Complete peace of mind

With all the uncertainty around EVs, a car subscription gives you the chance to experience an EV without a hefty upfront payment, or long term commitment on finance to own outright.

Novated EV subscription: Unlock the perks

A novated car subscription provides the same benefits as a novated lease in terms of salary packaging and tax deductions with the flexibility of being able to end the subscription with just two weeks' notice.

There could be further savings for eligible EVs that are zero or low emissions vehicles that are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and first held and used after 1 July 2022*

* The advice given is general advice and does not take into account your own objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if the advice is appropriate for you before acting and read all applicable terms and conditions of any selected product or service prior to proceeding. Terms and conditions apply.
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Compare new or demo electric car deals

We know that buying a brand new car can be stressful, which is why we created carbarConcierge.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, when it comes to buying an EV. We will always make sure the process is simple and hassle-free.

Did you know that you can find your car and get a deal without having to leave your couch?

Finance, buy or subscribe to your new electric car, all online. Anytime.

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Buy used Electric Vehicles online with confidence

With carbar, you won't risk getting stuck with a lemon.

We own the cars for sale and follow strict quality assurance processes to ensure all cars are in good condition, passing all mandatory safety checks before they are delivered to you.

With a 7 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty, you can shop and buy electric cars online with complete peace of mind*.

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Frequently asked questions

on an electric car subscription

Yes, all electric vehicle subscriptions come with a slow (trickle) charger that can be connected to a general-purpose outlet, or household power point.
Charging your car with these chargers can be slow but they can safely charge the battery all day, or night without damaging it.
Most feature automatic cycles that turn off the charger when the battery is at its optimum capacity.
While home charging may be cheaper and easier to use day-to-day, it won't always serve you on longer journeys.
Like a phone, your car will need to be charged after a certain amount of use. So for long trips, you'll need to turn to the growing number of public charging stations to recharge.
The Electric Vehicle Council provides a map of charging stations across Australia. While recharging is not the same as refuelling, it is important to note however, that some charging stations may require a fee in the same way that you pay for petrol.
If you subscribe to an electric vehicle and run out of charge when you’re not home, you will have access to 24/7 Roadside Assistance Australia-wide.
As a carbar subscriber, you will have unlimited callouts for flat batteries (charges), key lock-outs, flat tyre changes, breakdowns, towing and more.
An electric car subscription excludes tolls, infringements and home chargers.
Costs to buy and install home chargers vary depending on where you live, which charger you purchase, and whether it is hardwired to your home or portable.
JET Charge is our preferred partner, offering globally recognised turnkey electric car charging infrastructure.