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Car subscription made easy

Simply display your vehicle and let carbar take care of the rest

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Partnering with carbar

Partnering with carbar
Partnering with carbar is easy.
Simply register your interest and upload your used car inventory
If customer chooses your vehicle, carbar will contact you to organise a pick up
Carbar will pay on agreed commercial terms and take care of insurance and servicing
As for commercials, Dealers are offered two options.
Partner with carbar and share in revenue
Negotiate a price for carbar to purchase the vehicle
Note: carbar is already a destination for DealerSolutions and can receive feeds from Autogate and open for API/ FTP/JSON feeds. All vehicles uploaded must be RWC with current registration.

How carbar’s subscriptions work?

It’s said that 45% of consumers would consider buying a car online if given the option*.

Carbar customers can subscribe to vehicles advertised on carbar’s platform online, anytime. They simply

Sign up for free
Choose and secure their car
Schedule a pick-up
*The path to purchase for new car buyers: Why Aussie brands and OEMs need a digital-first strategy. Think with Google, May 2019
How carbar’s subscriptions work?

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About carbar inventory

The carbar website is a research, communications and eCommerce platform. We display carbar vehicle inventory information as well as stock from licensed motor vehicle dealers and partners so that users can browse a range of vehicles available for subscription. Please note dealer vehicles are subject to availability, inspection, purchase, transport and registration prior to subscription.