Novated subs are a flexible, tax effective way to salary package a car

A flexible, cost effective way to go electric on your company vehicles

  • One simple weekly cost with no lock in contract to help your business go greener
  • Designated business development team to assist and quote
  • Removes the financial and contractual burden of leasing

Greener and Carbar have partnered together to help businesses with the EV transition and make it as simple as possible. Greener for Business members receive access to Carbar's EV subscriptions with the added benefit of no upfront costs.

An electric car subscription is an affordable and flexible alternative to buying an electric vehicle outright saving you on using capital or taking on a long-term lease. Carbar's range of quality electric cars save you petrol and reduce your tailpipe emissions, helping you make a conscious choice when it comes to the environment and your bank account.

Whether you want to drive an EV long term or use it as a trial to test out an EV, flick the switch to electric today to start saving while being Greener.

How does a EV business subscription work?


Complete enquiry form

Fill out the inquiry form provided below, and our dedicated business development team will promptly reach out to discuss your requirements.


Carbar quotes

Once you discuss your vehicle needs with carbar, they will then provide quotes.


Vehicles ready to go

Once a quote is accepted the vehicle is ordered if new or simply prepared if in stock. Once ready, you collect it then billing starts.



Once you have utilised the vehicle for your business needs, simply give 14 days notice to arrange return.

Why Chose An Electric Vehicle Subscription For Your Business

We believe that the ultimate luxury in our lives today is time.

At carbar, we’re passionate about creating experiences that simplify the car shopping and ownership experience. We invest in technology and people to make what looks difficult easy for our customers.

Why salary sacrifice

All-inclusive pricing

A carbar subscription service includes maintenance, insurance, road side assist in a single monthly fee, simplifying your financial management. With all-inclusive pricing, you have a clear understanding of your monthly costs, including insurance and maintenance, which can help with budgeting.

Variety of fleet

Carbar for business means you get access to a variety of electric vehicles that will suit your business needs.


No lock in terms, increase and decrease the fleet you need to match your business needs. Assist with high growth without using capital or simply use as overflow for those busy periods. You can even transfer vehicle insurance to your own insurance if this works for your business.

Tailored business approach

A designated business development team will work with you based on your vehicle requirements and needs to get the best price possible.

Operational expense to the business

Save on utilising precious capital. Subscriptions are not a lease therefor an operational expense instead.

No resale concerns

Your business doesn't need to worry about the very real cost of depreciation of vehicles or the process of selling them. You simply return the vehicles as required.

Get into an electric vehicle now with carbar's business subscription

See the latest range of EV’s we have available to order, from a mini hatch or compact SUV to full size SUV.

Vehicle image

2023 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

Range 491kms,
Vehicle image

2023 Tesla Model Y Standard Range

Range 455kms,
Vehicle image

2023 BYD Atto 3 Extended Range

Range 480kms,
Vehicle image

2023 Kia EV6 Air

Range 528kms,
Vehicle image

2023 MG ZS

Range 320kms,
Vehicle image

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

Range 519kms,


Fill in the forms and our Business Development team will reach out to help electrify your business's vehicles, promoting sustainability.

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