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Roadside Assistance

You’re just one click away from help thanks to our 24/7 roadside assist and emergency management service.

Fuel Saving

Save up to 4cents off fuel per litre when you fill up at Caltex.*

Transparent pricing for services and repairs

You’ll always know the exact cost of your service and repairs when using our large network of trusted mechanics. No more nasty surprises!

Full concierge service

Car due for a service? Leave it to us. We’ll collect the car, leave you with a courtesy car while the service is being carried out and return your car when it’s done!

Connected App.
Coming soon


Track your kilometres and categorise trips as business or personal expenses.

Every 1,000km = Estimated $660 in tax deductions

Proactive service reminders

Proactive service reminders & vehicle problem notifications

Driver behaviour insights

Discover how the way you drive can impact your car. Habits such as riding the clutch or dragging the brakes downhill can affect the lifespan of your car.

Smart Access**

Turn your vehicle into a smart car, with the ability to remotely lock and unlock your car.

* Fuel discount only applies to Vortex 98, Unleaded/E10/Opal/Eflex, Vortex95/Premium Unleaded, Diesel/Vortex Diesel/AdBlue Pump, LPG, CNG. Save 4c per litre on Vortex Premium fuels. Save 2c per litre on regular petrol and diesel.

** Smart access is only available to certain make and model.

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Sign up for CarbarConnect and you’ll receive $1,000 worth of value including roadside assist, accident management, telematics and fuel discounts.


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All Carbar subscription plans come with CarbarConnect. If you purchase a vehicle with us, you will receive CarbarConnect free for 12months. After this period, you’ll pay just $9.90p/m (50% discount).

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