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Join hundreds of Australian businesses who choose flexible and affordable car subscription over the long term commitment of a traditional car leasing or novated leasing.

carbar offers more than just your standard business car subscription. Choose to subscribe to a fleet of vehicles or potentially pass tax-effective benefits to employees by salary sacrificing a novated car subscription.

We believe that the way you access cars should flex with your business needs.

Business subscription

What is a business car subscription?

In the past, many Australian business owners have turned to car leasing or long term rentals as the solution for their business needs.

Flexible car subscription services offer all the benefits of owning or leasing vehicles without the long term commitment.

For a fixed weekly subscription fee, members get full possession of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles inclusive of insurance, registration, servicing and roadside assistance.*

There’s no lock-in contracts or hidden costs. Stop or swap with two week’s notice.

* In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. See Terms and conditions for more details.

What is a business subscription

What are the benefits of a business car subscription?

What are the benefits of a business car subscription

Minimise upfront costs

With a flexible car subscription service, you enjoy all the benefits of traditional car ownership for a fraction of the upfront costs with none of the stress, all while enjoying even greater flexibility than you’d get on a loan.

Improve fleet utilisation

The inflexibility of a business fleet also attracts its own indirect costs. Access all the best elements of owning a car without the hefty price tag, commitment and exit fees.

Free your balance sheet

Unlike car leases, business car subscriptions do not need to be recorded on the balance sheet*, giving you an advantage over your competitors when approaching investors.
* The advice given is general advice and does not take into account your own objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if the advice is appropriate for you before acting and read all applicable terms and conditions of any selected product or service prior to proceeding.

Car subscription vs lease vs long term rental

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Exclusive use of car
Roadside Assist
Range of vehicles
Car swap *
Delivery or pick up
Accident Management
No lock-in contract

Long Term Rental






* In certain circumstances we may need to swap your car (e.g. if there is a maintenance or other issue) – in which case we will, subject to availability, try to replace the car with an equivalent car. See terms and conditions for more details.

"Joining carbar gave us a chance to sell our second-hand vehicle and pay for six to nine months worth of subscription. With that decision, we were able to completely avoid the initial outlay of a new vehicle and focus on our business."
Leah, Hair Salon Owner

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