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Our 40-day Sale model provides you with a fast, safe and hassle-free car selling experience. We offer competitive prices too!

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Once we agree to buy your car, you can sell your car to us outright or use our 40-Day Sale model - where you can keep your car up to 40 days. You win either way!

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Why should you choose Carbar?

A competitive price

We are an internet business, so we don't have to bear the costs of traditional dealers. No big caryards, no sales people and no over-the-top promises. If your car meets our criteria, we want it and we will offer you a better deal!

Guaranteed 40-Day Sale

If you agree to sell your car to us, we pay a deposit and look for a buyer while you still enjoy your car. We will pay you the balance once we find a buyer or on day 40 if it doesn't get sold by then.

You don't have to bring your car anywhere

We will come to you! Just pick a time, date and location and we will organise an inspection accordingly.

Don't waste your time and risk your safety

Yes, we all know the pain - continually fielding calls and waiting for people who don't show up. Even worse, inviting a stranger to your house and letting them drive your car doesn't sound like the safest thing to do. Selling your car with us will save you from all those risks!

Sell and buy with Carbar

You can buy your next car with Carbar and enjoy the benefits we offer: 3-Day Try/Buy, free delivery and competitive changeover.

We will do the running around for you

You don't have to worry about going anywhere - we will come to you and take care of all the paperwork.

We will advertise the car and handle enquiries

Your car will be taken care of just like any other ones of ours. We will photograph, detail the car, advertise it and do all the interactions with buyers.

Free Roadworthy Certificate

We will pay for the certificate and you just need to worry about repair costs if there's any.