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Does Carbar Offer Roadside Assistance?

Does Carbar Offer Roadside Assistance?

It’s one of the most essential things any driver needs. Whether you’re heading down to the shops or on a cross-country trip, you need roadside assistance. A flat tyre, an engine that won’t start, a cracked radiator – all of these can very quickly put an end to plans big and small, costing you potentially thousands in towing and repairs. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Carbar, our goal is to make driving simple. Our car subscription model takes all the stress and expense of running a car and turns it into one affordable, easy to pay weekly fee. We’re passionate about helping Australians drive what they want, when they want and where they want, and as part of that we offer a range of inclusions in all subscriptions that help keep your vehicle on the road and in top condition. 

Comprehensive roadside assistance included in your subscription 

Carbar is proud to offer roadside assistance to every driver subscribed to our service. From the moment you take out your subscription you’ll have access to professional support around the clock, ensuring that whatever happens on the road, you’ll be fully protected. 

We utilise a trusted network of third-party providers to deliver our roadside assistance to you. Our goal is to make driving fun, freeing and stress-free, so rest assured that wherever you are in our wide brown land, you’re never more than a call away from the help you need to get back on the road.  

Covering more than just roadside assistance – insurance, registration & servicing 

But we don’t stop there. We know that a lot goes into keeping a car running legally, safely and comfortably, so we’ve structured our service to eliminate many of the annoyances Australian car owners suffer through. Take registration – most drivers dread the arrival of that bill in their mailbox. With the annual cost of registration nearing $1000 in some states, it’s one of the single biggest bills a driver will be hit with. Choosing Carbar means never seeing a registration renewal notice again – it’s entirely included in your weekly subscription fee. 

Regular servicing can also set drivers back by thousands of dollars a year, just to keep their vehicle in good condition. Carbar takes care of that for you, picking your vehicle up from your home or work when it’s time for a service and leaving you with a courtesy car to help you stay moving. After the servicing is complete, we drop the car off and take the replacement back – it’s just that easy. And just like rego – it’s covered by your car subscription

Ditto for insurance. Finding the right road assistance and insurance provider can be a massive headache – Carbar makes it simple, ensuring that in the event of an accident, you’re able to benefit from our Damage Cover policy, protecting you in the event of damage or theft to your vehicle, or third party loss (subject to terms and conditions). 

To learn more about car subscription, browse our range of vehicles or join for free, visit today. 

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