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Your safety is our biggest priority.

In response to COVID-19 and in light of recent Government recommendations, we have increased the frequency and standard of workplace hygiene as well as vehicle cleaning and delivery procedures.

All employees and visitors to any of our sites are required to adhere to our COVIDSafe plan, contact information will be collected for the purpose of contact tracing only. Where possible team members are working remotely and our frontline team who are required on-site must wear a mask in Victoria, and we are advocating mask to be worn on our Queensland and New South Wales sites as well.

Our customer-facing delivery team will practice safe, contactless delivery of vehicles, wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant agents. Disposal seat covers and gloves are also used for added peace of mind.

New customers can subscribe to online 24/7 with free delivery to customers within 50kms from Brisbane and Sydney. Unfortunately, due to Government restrictions, orders for Victoria will be limited to selected Carbar stock until further notice.

Please note that due to the high volume of orders, delivery promises are significantly longer than usual - allow up to 6 weeks.

All of our subscription services remain open for customers. Please contact the subscriptions team on 1300 620 685 or

Carbar Subscription Services

What is Carbar?

Carbar is a no fuss way to drive that doesn’t involve ongoing and unexpected running costs, long-term debt repayments and balloon commitments. For a fixed weekly payment…

  • ✓ We provide you with your own car
  • ✓ We'll take care of insurance, rego, servicing and roadside assist
  • ✓ There's no commitment. You can cancel anytime

Join for free now for more information, news and special offers.

How does it work?

You can subscribe to a Carbar vehicle online, anytime. Simply...

  1. Sign up to a create an account for free
  2. Browse 100s of quality vehicles, login and pay to secure your car online
  3. Arrange to pick up your car or have it delivered to you

Please note delivery is only offered within 50kms of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Why is there an upfront fee?
Is there a cancellation fee?
What does subscription include?
Is roadside assist included?

It certainly is 24/7

Are tyre changes included?

Yes, unless the damage to the tyre has been from driver negligence

What is the minimum term?

There’s no minimum term. We just ask for 2 week’s notice and we can arrange pick up of the car

What if I have a car already?

If you love the idea of car subscription but hate the idea of selling your car privately, we can buy your car for cash. Simply request a quote for free online

Can I request a car if you don't have it on the website?

Unfortunately, not at this stage. We display Carbar vehicle inventory as well as stock from licensed dealer partners so that you can browse a range of vehicles available for subscription. New cars are added daily so please continue to check the website for vehicles in our range.

How long can I have a car?

As long as you need it. You can upgrade, downgrade or end your subscription with just 2 weeks’ notice

Are the cars new or used cars?

We have both new and used cars available online. If we don't have the car you are looking for, please call us on 1300 620 685 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) and we will start looking for that car for you. Alternatively email us at

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

Easy, give us 2 weeks notice. We can even arrange to pick up the car.

What is the difference between subscription and leasing/renting?

Carbar is a no fuss way to drive that doesn’t involve ongoing and long-term debt repayments and balloon commitments. You also won't get surprised by any unexpected running costs. You can change or end your subscription with just 2 weeks’ notice.

Can drivers on Ps use Carbar?

As long as they are on P2 drivers licence.There are no extra ongoing costs for P2 drivers, but your excess in case of an accident may be increased.

Does it cost extra if I am under 25?

There are no extra ongoing costs for drivers under 25, but your excess in case of an accident may be increased.

Can my friend / partner / child drive the car too?

They sure can. We just ask that you let us know about any regular additional drivers, and provide a copy of their valid drivers license.

Is there a kilometre limit?

Our standard allowance is 500 km per week, or 26,000 km per year. Excess kilometres are billed at $0.14 per km.

Where do I pick the car(s) up from?

You can arrange to pick up your car or have it delivered to you within 50kms of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane CBD.

Can I swap the car?

Yes, you can. There is no minimum term so you can change your subscription anytime.

What do I need to apply?

For Australian residents, we will need to collect a Drivers License and medicare card.

Non-Australian residents will need an International Drivers Licence and International Passport.

We also ask to validate you can service the weekly payments with 3 months of bank statements.

Is it necessary to have a driver’ license for above one year?

No, but you will need to submit a driver declaration which may affect the insurance access

How often are payments made?

The upfront fee is paid on confirmation of your car. Once it's delivered, we'll charge the first four weeks in advance. After four weeks you'll switch automatically to fortnightly billing in advance. If you want to move your billing day, just give us a call.

What happens if I have an accident or damage the car?

As part of your weekly fee, Carbar pays to insure approved drivers. If an accident or damage occurs during the Subscription Period or results from your use of the Vehicle, you must immediately notify Carbar and follow all instructions given by Carbar. There is an excess fee of $2000 but if the cost of repair is cheaper, we will work with you on appropriate alternatives.

If I get into an accident, is there a 24 hour number I can call?

If you are subscribed and have had an accident, please call 1300 227 365 and select 2 from the menu.

Can I subscribe to a car if I have an international driver’s licence?

Of course you can. As long as you’re registered with the relevant local road safety authority and have a Client ID, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Can I use a Carbar car for ride sharing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer our cars for ride sharing.

Are traffic and parking fines covered by Carbar?

Carbar encourages and promotes safe and responsible driving.

Any parking fines or traffic infringements will need to be paid by the subscriber.

Carbar will notify the subscriber if a penalty is issued and delays in payment will attract handling and admin fees.

Are Toll roads included?

No. Infringements, etags and toll fees are not included as part of your subscription. In some instances, subscribers may forget to install their toll device or tolls devices fail. The manual processing and administrative work attracts additional fees and costs for both Carbar and subscribers. To avoid any additional charges to your account, we recommend setting up a personal account on Linkt before driving.

How often are the cars maintained?

As per vehicle servicing schedule. If you have any issues with the vehicle, please contact 1300 620 685 so we can organise a swap car and collect it for you.

Can I get a residents parking permit with a Carbar car?

We can help you by providing a letter to send to your local council requesting permission to get or change a residents permit.

Do you cover cleaning?

Carbar will take care of almost everything.

Subscribers will need to fuel the car, pay tolls and look after the car while it's subscribed ensuring it is clean and not damaged when it's returned.

How do I return the car?

Just call our 1300 620 685 to make an appointment to return the car. We can collect or you can drop off.

What is the Carbar Loyalty Program?

Carbar's Loyalty Program rewards subscribers for their ongoing subscription with Carbar.

After 12 months of continued subscription, we'll automatically add Loyalty Credits to your account so you'll pay less. After another 12 months, we’ll add more Loyalty Credits to lower your weekly subscription again.

Please note that Loyalty Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or accumulated and Terms and Conditions apply.

What is the difference between Loyalty Credits and Carbar Credits?

Loyalty Credits are applied direct to a subscribers ongoing weekly subscription after each 12 and 24 month anniversary. They cannot be redeemed for cash or accumulated.

Carbar Credits are applied to a subscriber's account at any time and can be used towards any purchase, payment or fee on Carbar’s online platform. They can be accumulated. Carbar Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

How are Loyalty Credits calculated?

Loyalty Credits are calculated based on the market value of the vehicle as well as time a customer has an ongoing, continued subscription with Carbar.

What happens if I switch a car, do I keep my Loyalty Credits?

Loyalty Credits are applicable to customers with an ongoing, continued subscription with Carbar even if they choose to switch cars.

Please note that upfront fees are payable when switching cars and a new agreement with the Loyalty Credits will apply.

Can I claim cash for unused Loyalty Credits or Carbar Credits?

No. Loyalty Credits or Carbar Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or accumulated

Why do you have a New Car Levy?

The New Car Levy was introduced so Carbar can offer new cars without locking subscribers into more traditional, longer term agreements.

Subscribers opting for new cars will need to pay more upfront but will be eligible to receive Carbar Credits at the end of the first 12 months.

Why is the New Car Levy non-refundable?

To provide the flexibility and convenience Carbar offers, all fees and charges are based on costs to ensure we can continue to deliver our services to our subscribers.

Fees, including the New Car Levy are non-refundable except in certain circumstances, including if there is a major failure under the Australian Consumer Law.

If I stop the subscription and start a new one later, do I keep my Loyalty Credits? / Can I pause my credit accumulation?

No. Loyalty Credits are applicable to subscribers with an ongoing, continued subscription.

What can I use the credits for?

Carbar Credits are applied to a subscriber's account and can be used towards any purchase, payment or fee on Carbar's online platform. They can be accumulated but are not redeemed for cash.

Carbar Credits cannot be used for fines or infringements.

How does the start date and end date get determined?

Upfront fees, and New Car Levy if applicable, are collected on Subscription application.

Car Subscriptions (weekly payments and Loyalty program) start the day the car is delivered or picked up from Carbar.

Subscribers can end the subscription at any time.

What is a "New" car? What is a new "Demo" car?

New cars are current model or earlier cars that have less than 50 km on the odometer and that may or may not be registered.

Demo, or demonstrator cars, are current model cars that have less than 4000 km on the odometer and have been previously registered.

Carbar for Business

If you have any further questions, please call us on 1300 620 685 or email

Alternatively, register your business and we’ll be in touch.

If I leave my employer how does it affect my subscription?

It doesn't have to. So long as you continue to pay your subscription you're good to go, and if your needs have changed just give us a call to discuss the next car that's right for you or cancel any time.

What is a tool of trade?

A tool of trade is a vehicle that is primarily used for business.

With Tools of Trade, do my staff have to provide driving licenses?

No, the Fleet Manager will be put as the main contact/driver for any fines/tolls. These will be nominated the main contact to nominate their driver at the time. If you have further questions on Tools of Trade, please register your business and we’ll be in touch.

Is there a minimum or maximum fleet size to access the Tool of Trade rates?

We’re here to help fleets of all sizes. We can even buy your existing fleet. If you have further questions on Tools of Trade, please register your business and we’ll be in touch.

Do you have specialty vehicles i.e trucks, utes, vans etc?

We have the ability to source specialty utes and vans, however trucks are not in our inventory.......yet! If you have further questions on specialty vehicles, please register your business and we’ll be in touch.

Can I sell you my existing fleet?

Yes we can do buy your fleet. If you’re attached to the cars, we can also subscribe the fleet back to you. If you have further questions on fleet purchasing, please register your business and we’ll be in touch.

Can I subscribe back the fleet that I sold Carbar?

Yes you can.

Can Carbar source vehicles for me?

We’d love to. Please call us on 1300 620 685 or email

Will subscription sit on my balance sheet like a lease?

Not if you swap vehicles every 11 months. Subscription viewed as a service. If you have further questions on subscription vs leasing, please register your business and we’ll be in touch.

May be worthwhile reading our blog on how subscription is an affordable alternative to car leasing and ownership in the wake of AASB 16

Does Carbar have fuel cards for my staff / business?

Yes these can be arranged.

If my company needs to scale up and down our fleet with short notice, what are the costs?

There’s no cost to return a vehicle and no costs to add a vehicle other than the subscription cost. We just ask for 2 week’s notice and we can arrange pick up of the car

Can I modify the car?

Please speak to us about any modifications to avoid any additional fees or charges.

Can I put my Company logo on the car?

We can help brand cars for business purposes. Please speak to our product specialists on options


Why should I buy a car from Carbar?
  1. FREE vehicle delivery/collection (within 50km of CBD)
  2. FREE 150-point vehicle inspection available on request
  3. FREE Roadworthy Certificate
  4. FREE 3-month/5,000km statutory warranty
  5. FREE quality assurance purchasing from LMCT
  6. Quality assistance from industry professionals
  7. Financing options
  8. Warranty options
Where can I view the car?

We have sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Occasionally, we may have certain cars in different locations, please ensure you get in touch with our team so we can ensure that the car you want is ready for a test drive when you arrive!

Melbourne - 15 Walkers Road, Nunawading VIC

Nearest train station: Nunawading (2 min walk)

Nearest bus stop: Nunawading Station / Station Street, Nunawading

Station / Springvale Road, Springvale Road / Whitehorse Road

Sydney - 158 Adderley Street, Auburn NSW

Nearest train station: Auburn (15 min walk)

Nearest bus stop: Adderley Street Opposite Skarrett Street (Stop ID: 214417)

Brisbane - 17A Graystone St, Tingalpa QLD

Nearest train station: Murarrie (22 min walk)

Nearest bus stop: Wynnum Rd at Murarrie Road, Tingalpa

How do I know that I am getting a quality car?

We only bring quality cars into Carbar, and each car goes through a rigorous checklist:

  1. Pass a 250 Point check
  2. Under 5 years old
  3. Under 100,000km
  4. No major accidents
  5. No structural damage
  6. Full service history
  7. Clear title
Where do you deliver?

We provide free delivery cars to your home or office within a 50km radius from the CBD (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane).

For locations beyond 50km, charges may apply.

You are also welcome to come and pick up your vehicle from our sites.

Do you help with financing?

Yes. We work with finance brokers to assist you with your financing needs.

What payments do you accept?
Why should I sell my car to you?

Carbar will take the hassle out of selling your car privately. We offer competitive prices and will inspect your car at your home or office at a time that suits you. No more listing on online marketplaces and waiting for a buyer to show up! We make it easy.

We also have a huge variety of cars for you to choose from for your next car.

How do you determine the price for my car?

We use market data to scan prices, as well as prices from car classifieds and other sources. We then use that data to calculate a competitive price, which takes into account the condition, make, model and year of your car.

Can you come inspect my car at my home or office?

Yes. We’ll inspect it wherever suits you. We want to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Can I sell my car if it's on finance / lease?

Yes! Get in touch and we will talk you through the process.

Can I sell my car for my friend / partner?

We will need to speak to the person that has their name registered against the car. Once this is verified, we can definitely help.

Have a question?

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