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Does Carbar charge me any fees?

Traditional dealers usually pay less for cars, and sell them for more. The advantage of Carbar is that we don’t have a car yard or salespeople. So we don’t have the same overhead costs. We can afford to pay sellers more and give buyers a better price.

Can I sell my car elsewhere while it's listed on Carbar?
How do you determine the price for my car?

We use market data to scan prices, as well as prices from car classifieds and other sources. We then use that data to calculate a super-competitive price. This ensures that both our sellers and buyers are getting a great deal.

Can you inspect my car at home or at work?

Yes. We’ll inspect it wherever suits you. We want to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?

Yes. Our inspector will need to meet you and verify that you are the owner of the vehicle. We’ll need to see a physical copy of your driver’s license and the car registration. Once those formalities are done you're free to do whatever you like. The inspector will give you back your keys once the inspection is complete. Of course, you're also free to stay with the inspector throughout the process. It’s up to you.

What happens after my car passes the 250-point inspection?

Congratulations! Your car is one of the selected quality vehicles accepted by Carbar. If we can come to an agreement on the price, we will buy your car by putting a deposit on it. We will then contact you as soon as we find a buyer. Of course, if your car doesn’t sell within 40 days from the agreement of purchase date, we will pay you the balance regardless. So you can relax. The deal is done.

How long does it take to sell my car with Carbar?

On average, you can expect us to sell your car in about 30 days, and at a maximum of 40 days. You can drive your car during that period and remain responsible for it, right up until the moment we come and collect it.

I have a loan/lease. Can I still sell my car through Carbar?

Of course! We'll happily sell a leased car or a car with a remaining loan. We'll even handle all the paperwork for the process, and deal directly with the bank.

What if I sold my car, but the buyer returns it afterwards?

Once Carbar provides you with your final payment and picks up your car then you’re 100% finished. Provided everything you have said about the car is correct, then anything that happens after that point is our responsibility.


How is Carbar different from other car sites?

We are not your traditional car dealer. We’re a tech company that helps eliminate the hassle of buying and selling a car. We don't have a car yard or pushy sales people, so our cars are priced fairly. You can buy a car directly from our website and we’ll deliver it to your door (for no extra fee). Each car is thoroughly inspected, detailed and backed by a 3 Day/300km Try/Buy period.

Why are you any better than a traditional dealer?
Where can I view the car?

At your front door! At the seller’s home! In our showroom! The choice is yours. Sellers advertise their cars on our site but the car remains in their possession until a buyer is found.

Once you have paid your $50 deposit and the insurance bond, we’ll deliver the car to your door (within 50km radius of Melbourne CBD).

We also back the cars with a 3 day/300km (whichever comes first) money back guarantee. If you don't fall in love with the car, and provided it's in the same condition, we will take it back.

Is this Safe? How do I know you have the cars?
Do you negotiate?
How does the 3 Day/300km Try/Buy period work?
Where do you deliver?
How do I know that I am getting a quality car?
Do you help with financing?
How can I pay you?

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